• Ruby
  • Ruby-on-Rails


  • AdobeXD
  • VSCode
  • Git
  • Github
  • Heroku


The aim was to build a web app similar to Eventbrite in functionality. Users can sign up, create events, invite other users, and manage attendees of their events.

Database Scheming and Data Modelling

As part of my education in web development from The Odin Project, building this Rails app was a way to really nail Rails Active Record associations and the resultant data modelling needed to build the correct database schema.

Skills Utilized

Converting Design

The aesthetic was built purely to convert new visitors to users of the app. Visual techniques and knowledge of typical user behaviour were used to guide a visitor to the Call To Action as clearly and quickly as possible.

Data Architecture

The correct data modelling is crucial when building a database. In this case, my data architecture encompassed 'Eventhubs', 'Events', and 'Users' using various types of Active Record associations. The result was an application where a user can create events, have many people attend his/her events, and attend events him/herself.

MVC Design Pattern

Ruby-on-Rails was used to implement a model-view-controller pattern which, in the case of this app, governs session creation, events creation and the display of all other relevant information.

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