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Deep Roots

Deep Roots had already established a reputation as the best Friday night market in Pretoria. They were, however, without a business website that brought across their professional yet down-to-earth, lovable vibe that they are known for.

LAUNCH PROJECTIn collaboration with
Accentuating the Deep Roots personality

A clean, minimal design with a dark aesthetic stays true to the professional offering Deep Roots provides its vendors and customers. Deep Roots is known for it's on-the-ground interaction and fantastic people-skills. As such, website wording (copy) that captures their kind, relatable nature is essential for a site that accentuates Deep Roots' personality. The end-product is a site where visitors can find all the key info about the next market, book an event planning session with Deep Roots, and get a real feel for the Deep Roots everyone loves.

Skills Utilized


A user-friendly content management system was set up to make it easy for Deep Roots to be in control of the key Night Market info like ticket price and performing artists.

Visitor Focused

Most people would be accessing the site on mobile. This prioritized a mobile-friendly design and development approach to maximise a site visitors experience with fast load times, a spacious UI, and a thoughtful UX.

Speed Optimization

Site speed is integral to a happy user-experience. As such, the development was done with speed optimizations at the forefront of decision-making with practices such as crucial page pre-fetching, image optimizations, clean JavaScript code, and semantic HTML.

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