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Dan's Meditation

Danny was in the process of building a meditation app for the Google Play Store. I offered my help with the design. The result was a more visually consistent design rooted in strong vertical rhythm, sizing, and colour principles to deliver a calmer, focused experience for meditators.

Non-distracted, tranquil, and completely at peace...

Image choice was largely guided by how we, as meditators, want to perceive our practices: Non-distracted, tranquil, at peace. This meant larger, beautiful images of fellow meditators to serve as inspiration and a source of grounding. Colour is crucial to our digital experiences. Seeing as experience is the whole crux of this app, I took Danny's initial brand colour and constructed complementary auxillary colours with lightness and saturation variations to give the rest of the app a more consistent aesthetic.

Skills Utilized

Vertical Rhythm

Consistent spacing is key to achieving a harmonius design. Here I used a vertical rhythm based on a 8pt 'beat'. As a result, the spacing design was implemented predictably and harmoniously.

Tranquil Design

Users of this app are here for one thing - cultivating a calmer, less reactive mind. Every colour and element choice reflects an overall design decision that is non-distracting. The UI is spacious with clear CTAs cultivating a peaceful experience.

Fast Iteration

Iteration is crucial to improvement. The initial design was handed over to me by Danny and I set to work. After a couple of hours, I had gone through tweaking iterations culminating in an improved design handed back to Danny in a super timely manner much to his happy surprise.

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